Wholesale Information
  • How do I log in to my Wholesale Account?

    From our main page - select "PLACE ORDER". From our shopping site: PLSPaperShop Click Login (top right hand corner).


  • How do I set up a Wholesale Account?

    You may go ahead and set - up your account in our online store, that makes the process much quicker for us.


    CLICK HERE to Request an Account

  • What are your terms and discount?

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  • Do you have PDF Catalogs Online?

  • How do I contact you?

  • Can you manufacture my designs?

    YES! We can manufacture your designs.


    We can manufacture Stickers, Journaling Cards, Cut-Apart Sheets, Flair Buttons, Pattern Papers, Vellum, Clear Transparencies & Tags


    Order Minimum is $100. It is non-refundable and cannot be returned.


    There is a $15 one time Artwork set-up fee per item.


    Contact Melissa for a Portfolio
    Each Portfolio is set up just for you. (product samples, printer color guide, metallic samples & prices)

  • How many items do I need to order?

    You can order just 1 of each item or 1000 of each item. It doesn't matter. Just as long as you the meet the minimum order of $100.

  • What do I need to spend to receive wholesale pricing?

    Our minimum order is $100 per order. A typical order for one of our wholesalers is about $400. If you consistently spend under $100 your discount will drop to 35%.

  • Why don't you sell 12x12 paper?

    In 2014 we printed and sold 12x12 paper. It wasn't a huge hit, because it cost so much for us to manufacture it. We can't compete with the other manufactures. 99% of of the other companies have their papers printed in CHINA and it only cost them about 5 cents per sheet.  We can't even get close to that price.

    We can print it - but it will cost you 99 cents per sheet.

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